Although counsellors vary in their individual approaches, most will spend the first session listening carefully to what you feel your problems are.

This may help to clarify any issues and allows the counsellor to assess whether they are the most appropriate professional for you.

They may ask you about your background and other ways you have tried to deal with the problem. They should then discuss with you the kind of approach that they would take and give you a chance to ask questions.

Most counsellors will tailor their therapy to the needs of the individual and may use a combination of approaches to assist you.

These may include:-

Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) – talking through the problem and looking at it in different ways.

Psychodynamic therapy – uncovering unconscious processes (developed in childhood as a means to cope with life) that may be hindering adult life.

Teaching new skills – such as effective communication, assertiveness or anger management.

Identifying obstacles – what stops you solving your problem or reaching your goals and what resources you may need to achieve this.

Relaxation techniques & stress management skills

Sessions are 50 minutes and a regular weekly time is recommended