Parenting workshops

Justine runs parenting and behaviour management programmes for children aged 2-12 using positive reinforcement, time out and consequence models. She will tailor make a programme for your family including special needs children and offers a money back guarantee!

Support groups

Justine provides professional input to a number of parent support groups. She has found these groups to be beneficial for parents coping with a child/children with special needs. It is vital that parents find time for themselves and each other. Support groups provide a safe and confidential space to tell your story, connect with others in similar situations to yourself and identify the stresses in your own life to avoid burnout. Many parents who have attended support groups comment that the process allowed them to make important changes in their family lives that made life much easier.

Liaison with pre-schools and schools

Justine has experience working with preschools and schools in several ways. She has provided staff training, worked as a liaison worker between home and pre-school and provided basic support to pre-schools developing visual aids and time out spaces for children who struggle in pre-school. Parents have commented that it is helpful to have Justine acting as an advocate for them and for their child within the educational setting.

Working with Teens

As well as raising 2 teenage boys, Justine has been involved in guidance, support and emotional education of teenagers, both in Australia and Bali. She recognises the struggles teens and their parents face in 21st century and brings a practical and light hearted approach to serious and dangerous issues facing young people of today.